What We Do

We Reduce Risk and Streamline Operations to enable growth through a Digital experience.

Our Solutions

Our array of solutions help you make deeper understanding of your existing as well as prospective customer base through data and AI driven insights so that you can identify better opportunities, asses the risk factors well and adhere to compliances much better.

Lead Generation

Identify your prospects by mapping them against Ideal Customer Profile.

Lead Management

Prioritisation and end to end management of the complete life cycles of Leads.

Identify Cross Selling Opportunities

Complete 360 degree understanding of your customers and their varied needs.

Trade AML

Detect and Monitor Frauds in Trade Finance.

Customer Life Cycle Management

Manage Risk and Compliances and enable a continuous due diligence process.

Transaction Surveillance

Monitor transactions for AML and high risk of fraud.

Personalized Digital Engagement

Reach out to your customers with personalised and interactive videos.

Sales Ops Digitalization

Engage with your customers effectively to drive sales to the maximum.

Digital Insight Platform

Drive Digital transformation by creating a unified Insight Superhorse that leverages on Social feeds, data, analytics etc.

Product Price Benchmark

: Benchmark the price of your customer’s products against the same of their global competitors.

Shipping Intelligence

Authenticate your BoL as well as track the ships’ positions in real time.

Knowledge Graph

Helps you understand the customer’s profile be it Trade, Ownership, Address etc.

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Our Products

Integrate data, AI and technology to deliver competitive solutions.