Drive true Customer Obsession with

Kalolytic Sales Intelligence Engine


All the data you need to understand your customers-accurate & in real-time, in asingle place.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) that transforms data into clear next-step recommendations, including who to target, how & when


Turnkey integrations into Sales, Marketing & Digital Ad platforms to ensure omni-channel execution & alignment.

How we do it

AI Driven Sales Intelligence Engine powered by Internal and External Data helps Banks & Financial Institution to improve their GTM Efficiency, accelerate time to revenue and increase operational alignment.

Data Management

  • Know your prospects & customers inside-out with unrivaled B2B data coverage

  • Integrate any additional 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data sources

  • Keep your data accurate & relevant with Database Health Analytics

  • Reactivate stale data with real-time enrichment

  • Optimize lead routing with lead-to-account matching

  • Align Sales & Marketing with direct integrations into CRM, Marketing Automation & Digital Ad platforms

Artificial Intelligence

  • Understand your Ideal Customer Profile with ICP Analytics

  • Prioritize your best accounts with Predictive Scores

  • Drive personalized engagement with Custom Buyer Personas & Persona Scores

  • Increase marketing efficiency and ROI with automated persona segmentation

  • Find new prospects who match your ideal customers with Look-alike Modeling

  • Time your engagement right with Intent Signals & Scores

One Solution Multiple Use Cases

Activate Kalolytic Sales Intelligence Products

Enable you to identify future prospects, deeply understand your customers, assess cross sell potential by providing data driven customer insights.

Kalolytic for Prospecting


Kalolytic for Lead Management


Kalolytic for Revenue Ops


Kalolytic Edge

We’re proud of our industry-leading AI capabilities.

But to realize the incredible value of AI, you need great data.

Kalolytic CDP offers unrivalled breadth, depth and accuracy of B2B data.

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