Protecting financial institutions from systematic crimes

Kalolytic Trade Scan modernizes Trade Based Money Laundering programs by smartly blending AI, machine learning, and domain expertise to combat money-laundering and terrorist financing. It keeps programs up-to-date with regulatory compliance while creating a single integrated view of the customer.

Trade Scan is a true leap in BSA/AML Compliance. In stunning contrast to stove-piped, fragmented systems, it delivers single-solution integration of KYC/CDD, Transaction Monitoring, Sanctions and Negative-news Screening, and behavioural monitoring


Customer FCR Score

Indicate historical behaviour through due diligence

AML check

Check for AML rules like over invoice, under invoice etc.

Documentation check

Checking the veracity of all transport document

Network check

Exploring the possibility of black listed entity/individual in their community

Sanction check

Screening the name against sanction list / criminal list / local economic crime list

Key Features

Comprehensive Counterparty KYC
Customer Trade Business Intelligence
Network Diagram
Key Features
Rule / Typologies coverage
Co-existence with any system

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